Warehouse Relocation and Clearances

Whether you require relocation of your warehouse or just clearance, we can handle it for you.

We deal with relocation and/or clearances for large and small commercial businesses, Local Authorities, landlords and new owners and tenants. We do take into account and meet any deadlines that are set.

Clearing the Building

We can organise a staff giveaway pile of items.

We then, if required, clean and vacuum to your standard.

Finally, we ask you to carry out a final walk through to ensure everything is completed.

Archiving and Storage Arrangements

We provide all aspects of archiving such as packing, tidy, arrange storage areas and audit preparation.

Specialist Equipment

Using the correct equipment, moves can be carried out more efficiently and cost effectively. For example: We were called in to a library to pack up all books and dismantle shelving, as the library wanted a new floor layout. The library project manager estimated it would take 1 week to complete. After 4 hours we had completed the whole move. 

We are an upper tier waste carrier and only dispose of all waste at certified recycling centres.

We are also members of CHAS (Contractors Health And Safety) and are inspected annually to maintain high standards of health and safety in the workplace and on site.

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