Your Questions, Our Answers

We are fully insured with no claims to date. Our levels of insurance are as follows:

  • Employer’s Liability £10 million
  • Public Liability £5 million
  • Goods in Transit £25,000 per vehicle

We always give your staff priority for all areas including stairs and lifts. If a member of your staff represents a hazard we will stop immediately and provide a safe passage for the staff member.

No, as long as instructions are clear. We can even open up and lock up after.

After we have removed all items from the building, we will clean and sweep hard floors and vacuum carpets. We will also sweep outside the building if any mess has been made by us.

Yes. Particularly if your furniture doesn't fit during removal from your property. We will dismantle and rebuild the furniture.
The cost of this is included in our quotation.

Simply empty your fridge and freezer and defrost your freezer (defrost is optional). We will disconnect all your appliances and can reinstall them at your new property except for gas cookers. You will need a qualified gas safe engineer to disconnect and reconnect any gas appliances.

Once we collect your waste, we will attempt, with your permission, to recycle as much as possible. This includes separating materials. This will also become cost effective to you and is also fantastic for the environment!

Waste cost can only be confirmed once we have disposed of your waste at the recycling centre. It is all down to weight, you only pay for the exact amount we paid at the recycling centre plus our labour charge to take it there. We can provide an estimated waste cost before the job takes place and then confirm once completed. This transparent way works with all our existing clients as our estimations are extremely accurate.

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