Office Relocation

As with most major projects, the planning you do beforehand will pay dividends in your office move ...

No matter the size of your business relocation, whether this be in London or surrounding areas, it will take a large amount of time, effort and energy.

In order to make your office move successful with the least problems, planning ahead will take out most of the stress. Our aim is to minimise impact on your business move by working out of hours, such as evenings and weekends.

In order to prepare for your relocation, we have a useful Guide and Checklist that you can download from our resources page.

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The most daunting task for staff when moving office is always the filing. It is surprising how heavy paperwork can be!


We provide a full packing service, including crate hire. We also provide a sequence packing service on either a numerical or alphabetical basis.

In addition, we can provide labels that you can use to indicate who the item belongs to and where the new office location will be. Other packing supplies can also be provided such as crates, boxes, tape etc.

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Clearing the Building

We can organise a staff giveaway pile of items.

Usually the last item to leave the building is the computer servers, unless they are not needed over a weekend.

We then, if required, clean and vacuum to your standard.

Finally, we ask you to carry out a final walk through to ensure everything is completed.

Archiving and Storage Arrangements

We provide all aspects of archiving such as packing, tidy, arrange storage areas and audit preparation.

Specialist Equipment

Using the correct equipment, office moves can be carried out more efficiently and cost effectively. For example: We were called in to a library to pack up all books and dismantle shelving as the library wanted a new floor layout. The library project manager estimated it would take 1 week to complete. After 4 hours we had completed the whole move. 

Data Protection

We move extremely sensitive documents, for example: ballot papers for local councils and legal department documents. With a high confidentiality method statement which we can provide, we can assure peace of mind that all your data will be securely relocated. The method of moving and controlling personal data files can be downloaded from our resources page.

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