Building Closures

Building closure and decommissioning is the process of shutting down a building from operation or use. Very often this is followed by re-commissioning, repurposing or demolition.

Over the years we have assisted with many building closures including; furniture relocation, waste clearances, staff give away piles and decommissioning of servers.

We have also assisted with outside vegetation clearance and a final clean of the building.

Very often we can also be on hand for any last requests after handing back the building to the landlord.

Following the above the client is asked to make a final walk through to ensure everything is satisfactory.

Landlords Process

The full process can involve, where appropriate:

  • Disconnecting utilities
  • Switching off water supply and draining any pipes
  • Considering the fire safety of the vacated building
  • Shutting down heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Ensuring doors, windows and openings are secure to prevent trespassing
  • Clearing vegetation surrounding the premises
  • Removing hazardous, flammable and waste materials
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