IT Relocation

Without telephones and computers your business cannot perform, so arranging the relocation of these systems is crucial to your plans. 

Consider your IT and telecommunications systems at the first opportunity. Configuration of your systems may possibly determine the floor plans in your new premises. They will also be a key priority to get up-and-running on the move day.

Cloud cartoon

Make sure that backups are taken and verified before you shut your systems down. All computer equipment needs extra care and protection in packing and transportation.

Usually the last item to leave the building is the computer servers, unless they are not needed over a weekend.

We carry all necessary equipment needed to carry out the services that you require, including tools, barrows, skates and packing materials.

Large Scale Projects

Where IT Departments are undertaking large scale IT Relocation projects, we have assisted with setup, relocation and the decommissioning of entire buildings. 

We are also Multi-Functional Device relocation specialists.

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